Culture Drives the Organisation

Culture is the way your organisation feels, acts and thinks about how it fits in the wider environment, its the insiders view of the organisation. It informs your Brand, how you’re seen by those outside your organisation, your service users, customers and those you interact with.

In a world of ever increasing transparency the alignment of your Culture to your Brand is increasingly a critical success factor. You have to live your Brand through your Culture.

Real change begins deep within the organisation with your CEO and Leadership Team being the stewards of the Culture you live. The Culture they breath life into is translated into the experience your customers and service users experience through the actions and behaviors of your people. By aligning your leadership style, core competencies and management systems with your Brand you communicate the essence of your offer.


Everything begins with the CEO, their style and ability to align the senior leadership team around a narrative and common strategic purpose.


The organisational story captured and communicated by the senior leadership team tells the story of what’s important to your organisation. It provides a vision and common purpose around which your people will gather and work towards.


Culture is how your people feel, act and think. It’s something that the CEO and leadership team develop intentionally through their behaviors and practices. Your Culture is what they nurture. Its an ever changing but constant of your organisation and a critical success factor.

Management (Systems)

In an increasingly transparent world organisations can no-longer afford to drift, operating by speculation. Success is built on the bedrock of solid systems of operation be them digital or not, based on ISO standards or not but all will seek to deal with the complexity of your organisational environment. Complexity is most effectively managed systematically where outcomes are predictable and resources focused around clear objectives.


A shared sense of narrative and objectives breaths life into the Culture and Management Systems of your organisation, its the underpinning foundations on which your organisation is built. Alignment changes if ever, slowly and informs your strategic direction connecting planning, value creation, customer and people experience, your Culture and your Brand.


With your organisation fully aligned around shared objectives, value creation for your organisation and customers and your Culture, your organisation will be perfectly positioned for meaningful and insightful strategic planning.

Philip Dawson MBA 2019-11-08

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