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Leaders of excellence have the commonality that they all have an edge, their own style, from Winston Churchill, to Aung San Suu Kyi, to Bono, to Melinda Gates, they all have a style and people are willing to follow them in their quest.

Intentional Leadership is the ability to look inward critically at yourself, becoming self-aware of your style, affirming how you would like to lead and then leading in that way. If you’re wanting to follow this path then it begins by documenting your Leadership Agenda.

Your Leadership Agenda should describe in some detail your unique qualities and the characteristics that you believe others will find attractive and are willing to follow. This has nothing to do with your work place, its a personal affirmation that will follow you as sure as your shadow into all aspects of your life. It will act as your guide and reinforce those aspects of your leadership style you understand to be of influence when providing leadership and guidance to others. Your Leadership Agenda speaks to you of your qualities and the characteristics you wish to strengthen.

By developing a documented Leadership Agenda what you are actually doing is documenting the results of your life’s journey so far, it becomes therefore your narrative, a story you are now able to tell to others. So, you are no-longer in a position of leadership unable to explain the necessary journey you require others to take, you now have a narrative to draw on, giving a solid base on which you can describe with examples and detail meaning those you lead are not left to either second guess what you want or just play along for now. You will have the ability to articulate who you are, what your style of leadership is, what you expect of others and what your vision is. You will be in a position to make the distinction between management and leadership.

A Leadership Agenda will unshackle you and give you the authority to decide what actions will make the biggest impact and what is in reality just important to others. A Leadership Agenda enables you to surround yourself with others with whom you can engage, build trust and add value through making an impact.

So what defines your leadership style? Do you want to be a leader who makes an impact? Start your own Leadership Agenda by getting in touch at

Philip dawson mba 2019-11-13

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