How often do you (unconciously) begin a sentence with the words;

“I have to…”

You’re telling the listener you have no choice, that you’re somehow compelled to do the thing you’re saying you have got to do.


Are you okay with this? With your need to feel compelled, presumably by some unseen force you cant resist?

This is a mind-set kinda thing, you’re choosing not to have agency in your life, so I offer you an idea – YOU CAN CHOOSE IF YOU LIKE!

What you have to do

I have got to be up by 05:45 hrs

I have got to go to work

I have got to write 1500 words for my disertation

What you choose to do

I’m going to get up at 05:45 hrs

I’m going to work today

I plan to write around 1500 words towards my disertation

You can have Agency if You Choose to

A simple shift in your mind-set is all you need. Instead of thinking life happens to you and all you can do is make the best of it, you can if you like claim ownership of your life, and nobody can stop you either.

All you have to do is drop the “I have to’s” and adopt the “I choose to’s”, its really that simple.

When you make choices you take responsibility and you will have agency. If what you choose then makes you happier, simple, stick with it. If on the otherhand you’re not so happy then choose something else.

For help with making a choice and career coaching reach out to Philip Dawson MBA, use the form below

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