Most of the time when I’m working or interacting with others either directly or via media I’m offering advice, being a mentor or coaching to get the best outcome for the individual, the team and consequently the organisation I’m helping.

The advice I offer is founded on the bedrock of how I approach my own life and career, its my lived experience I offer, its personal, and sometimes people just choose not to follow my advice. This as you can probably guess can be disappointing, not devastating but definitely disappointing! (Who’d have ever thought I might be off the mark?)

The thing I’ve uncovered however is that at some point you have to make a choice about whether a relationship (in my case a work based relationship, but I suppose it could apply to others too) is a relationship based on mutual giving or if its a one-sided kind of affair. If its mutual then it seems obvious that you’d like to stick around. If not, well the wrench of parting can seem too high a price to pay but honestly its worth the cost and some.

Bad relationships are bad relationships!

You have to know when to run!

So for those of you who (like me, I have a connection that just isn’t a fulfilling experience right now. It was in the past and maybe it can be again in the future, but I’m still pondering this possibility) think they’re in a possibly bad relationship career wise that is, I’ve collected together some ideas that make me happy and I hope you can find one that makes you happy too;

  1. You can make a career out of spaghetti letters – I’m a relatively new grandparent and although my grandson can’t read (he’s just 6 months old, aww I can hear you breath) I can make words out of spaghetti letters and this brings me joy and he has soft food to play with
  2. I read, I read fiction – neuroscience has discovered that reading fiction has the effect of helping to develop social skills
  3. Choose a really Hippster Cool name for your business – get business cards printed and when you’re asked how many work in your team you can reply saying the highest performers struggle to fit into teams
  4. Put the phone in a draw – those little notifications, email, twitter, facebook,… they produce a little bit of dopamine and this is addictive in the very same way as drugs, alcohol and gambling, you don’t need the ‘likes’ you need to like yourself
  5. You don’t need to lie about how able you are with MS Office – use a template and monkey-around with it, that’s plenty good enough
  6. Doodle – doodling helps with creative thinking, I don’t have any evidence to rely on just I think it does
  7. Open Network – fill your life with people who are in unrelated fields, the conversations (and I admit here that you have to work at them) will be much more enjoyable

Philip Dawson MBA | Strategy Consultant | Trainer | Systems Thinker | Growth & Innovation Enthusiast

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