Change is inevitable, its happening all the time. Many of us make out we’re ignorant of the change that’s taking place all around us and to us. It’s easier this way, we let those around us do the worrying and fix the problems change will throw-up, we don’t then have to commit to doing something about the change.

That game’s up! You are capable of dealing with change and even making change happen. You can be a CHANGE-MAKER.

No exceptions!

So you’ve just read the short passage above and that feeling in the pit of your stomach is a little (or a lot) bit of fear. That’s okay, it’s normal to feel that way.

But now is the time for you to work on dealing with the fear inside and making change happen,by being a CHANGE-MAKER!

That’s why I’m doing what I do, why I’m here, the thing I pursue. Now’s the time for you to say to yourself;

“I’m proud of what I did today, I showed-up, I provided a great service and stepped a little closer to the change I believe in”

So my job is to help you to express yourself, to remind you of the responsibility you have to yourself, your team and your organisation to be a CHANGE-MAKER.

If you’re a Thought Leader, I can help you communicate your aspirations with clarity and conviction, to inspire others and to do it with integrity and a truth of spirit. I can help you to define who you are and refine your skills and knowledge.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, I can help you to build the character and nature of your organisation, to focus on the human problems you will stubble across daily and solve them. To communicate your solutions to those who you’re seeking to help.

If you’re a Leader in Business, I can help you to create a culture of achievement, of effectiveness, one you can be rightly proud of. I can help you to express your purpose to your team, your customers and clients so you can truly provide the products and service you know you want to provide.

The time to be a CHANGE-MAKER is now, so lets together get on with it.

Philip Dawson MBA | Strategy Consultant | Trainer | Systems Thinker | Growth and Innovation Enthusiast