An Organisational and Systems Thinker Philip challenges people to think differently about how their world works for their customers and their people.

Philip specialises in ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management, ISO 27001 Information Security, Process Improvement, Lean Processes, 6-Sigma

Introduction – Long Bio

A creative problem solver using systems thinking to uncover the solutions and ideas hidden by linear thinking. Philip embodies the systems innovations that bring about positive change for all. Philip is a recognised Leader in his field and has helped others to achieve their own dreams and their own versions of their best self through 1-2-1 coaching and general encouragement to do better.

In 2006 Philip earned an Executive MBA at the University of Hull whilst at the same time working as Director of Organisational Development at Northpoint Ltd., mostly doing the ‘people stuff work’ others didn’t want to get their hands dirty with. Whilst studying for the MBA Philip elected to take an additional module of learning concerning himself with Marketing and Economics, an area of business management that has to some degree helped to underpin his understanding and expertise in Systems Thinking.

In 2007 Philip unhappy with the way the business was being managed offered to quit his job and look for something more fulfilling to do. He was offered instead the opportunity to buy the business, an opportunity he took and become an equal shareholder of Northpoint Ltd.

In the following years Philip earned the status of Lead Auditor for four (4) ISO Management Systems; ISO 9001 Quality Mgmt., ISO 14001 Environmental Mgmt., ISO 45001 Health & Safety Mgmt., and ISO 27001 Information Security Mgmt. In 2018 still determined to continue learning and still convinced that the most important part of an organisation is the people who work there, Philip expanded his knowledge and skills with people by undertaking the ILM Executive Coaching and Mentoring learning program at Salford University.

More recently and in pursuance of operational excellence Philip has taken on the role of a Six Sigma, Lean Management practitioner. Philip is fully committed to the development of people, imploring them to reach for excellence but believes the best way to do this is to give them the best tools and methods to do their work.

In between being an active Director of the Northpoint business and learning new skills Philip became a mentor to two (2) MBA Students. Firstly Arash Raeisi from Salford University who later went on to become a PhD in Marketing and Social Media. Then Secondly with Hicham Labiad from Manchester Met. University, who has become a long-distance but firm friend.

Philip is the founder of ISOSyst, his unique Management Consultancy, he is a Non-Executive Director/Governor of a large College of FE, and an Independent End Point Assessor of vocational qualifications in Management and acts as an Interim Sales Manager/Board Adviser to Northpoint Ltd (which he left during a sale of his shares in 2019 when the business was moved into a trust on behalf of the employees).

Philip is one of those unique individuals who used system thinking to disrupt the normal way of thinking. And even though initially for those Philip is working with this can feel uncomfortable, Philip soon gets them to see that ‘shaking things up a bit and work on whats important rather than urgent’ is much more productive and enables a fresh way of seeing things” – N. Mohammed, Accountant

What I Do

Challenge hum-drum ways of thinking

Encourage Performance Improvement through coaching

Use Systems Thinking to uncover truths

Work to Objectives and Results

Past Experiences

Organisational Consultant | Trainer – ISOSyst
(2019 – Present)
I provide Workshops, Training, Coaching and Business Process Improvement Support to Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Chair Person – Northpoint Employee Ownership Trust Ltd
(2019 – Present)
Chair of the Employee Ownership Trust, Employee opinion representation, strategic input, challenge the BOD’s on strategic direction.

Director | Technical & Organisational Development – Northpoint Ltd
(1995 – 2019)
Senior Board Member, Equal Shareholder. Responsible for Management Systems (Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, Information Security, HR and Training).