Not your typical “Management Consultancy”

ISOSyst offers a unique blend of consulting services centred on ensuring your organisation is the very best it can be and that all effort is put into the customer experience.

ISO Mgmt. Systems +

ISOSyst offer customisable ISO Documented Management Systems; ISO 9001 Quality Mgmt. ISO 14001 Environmental Mgmt. ISO 45001 Health & Safety Mgmt. ISO 27001 Information Security

Some of the Options include;

  • Customisable templates for you to use
  • Turn-key Management Systems & Manuals
  • Auditing of your systems
  • Supplier Approvals
  • Walk through’s and checklist of areas for improvement
  • Risk Assessment guidance
  • Environmental Impact guidance
  • Lean workplaces
  • Lean-Six Sigma interventions

Coaching & Mentoring

Employee engagement is one of the keys to organisational success.

After agreeing with the Manager what they would like their subordinate to achieve this is then played through with the employee.

Typical deliverable’s from coaching and mentoring include;

  • Employees engaged in work that really matters
  • A focus on what’s important, not just urgent
  • Employee confidence is boosted
  • Employees working toward defined and measurable goals
  • How best to obtain and use resources

Workshops & Training

Workshops and training can take many forms, either based on obtaining a new skill, improving an existing skill or gaining knowledge and insights.

Many skills can be trained such as;

  • Leadership – are you looking to become a leader who brings their people along with them?
  • Management – how processes are sequenced and where inputs come from
  • Objective setting – what an objective looks like and how to monitor and evaluate performance
  • Risk assessment process
  • How to run meetings

From the CEO/MD and Leadership Team, right through your internal culture and out to the customer and client touch-points with the aim of continually improving the internal organisational culture and customer experience.

Management Systems +

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Mgmt.
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Mgmt.
  • ISO 45001/BS OHSAS 18001 – Health & Safety Mgmt.
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Mgmt.
  • Lean-Six Sigma Interventions
  • Kaizen Blitz Interventions

Executive, Management & Team Coaching

  • 1-on-1’s – Objective Setting and Performance
  • Team Coaching – Achieving Key Results & Cohesion
  • Weekly Check-ins – Up-dates on Key Results and action to take
  • Important-Urgent work flows

Training Workshops

  • Objective Setting – what and how to set them & what to measure
  • Performance Mgmt. – Self, Individuals, Teams
  • Tracking Objectives – Staying the course and making corrections
  • Evaluating results – what to look for and include
  • Running a meeting

Bespoke Packages

Philip can also put together bespoke solutions to meet your needs after understanding what issues you need to resolve. He may choose to bring in selected and trusted associates to help deliver the change you need and can develop a program of check-backs to ensure the change made has been embedded.

At the centre of all efforts to help you and your people to embrace the changes necessary is your customers experience of your products and services and how your organisation delivers on the promises it makes. Revenues and Profitability growth comes from customers who are exited by what you have to offer and how you deliver on your offer. By keeping customer experience front and centre you can adopt growth strategies that mean your organisation is here for the long-term.

Most (but not all) of the services offered can be largely conducted remotely, so the cost to you and your organisation in financial and time terms can be minimised but the outcomes maximised.

Want to know more? Want some advice? Want to make sure you’re going in the right direction?