Inspiration is great, action is even better.

If you’re ready for change but not sure how to structure it, I’ll help you to build a custom documented system around your customer experience offer and achieving your objectives and continuous improvement. I’ll help you to develop ideas on how to attain achievable improvement, record how you do it and embed the process.

Your organisation and issues are unique to you, so together we can tailor the solutions that mean your organisation delivers on the promises you make to your customers.


  1. The Context of the Organisation – internal and external factors and influences over your organisation are considered for how they exert an effect on your customer experience offering
  2. Leadership – how it’s executed and by who, what styles are used and when, policy setting, communications
  3. Planning – objective setting taking account of the Context of the Organisation, Leadership requirements and what your customers expect you are going to deliver to their organisation – your aim is to improve the lives of your customers through your products and services
  4. Resourcing – people competence, adequate equipment, environmental factors – resource planning is key to ensure you can and do deliver on your promises to your customers
  5. Operations – planning taking account of the objectives and policy, ensuring required outcomes are deliverable, designing systems, dealing with change
  6. Checking – auditing, monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating results, reviewing effectiveness – a key part of the feedback loop and if done well will reveal the truth of your performance
  7. Improvement – identifying non-conformance and dealing with it, continually seeking to be better – correcting mistakes is important but more important is recognising and recording opportunity then acting on it, this is the route to growth in revenues and profitability

For an informal, no obligation discussion about how together we can develop or improve your organisation;


  1. Firstly I’ll need to appreciate the nature of your mission and operating environment
  2. At the same time I’ll want to know what your wealth generating operations are and how they work
  3. Once I have this information from the activities outlined in points 1 & 2 I’ll define the enabelling support I can provide and which associates I will call upon to achieve the improvements
  4. For each documented system I help you envisage, together we then define the relationship to the wider operations
  5. Next we build the envisioned documented system
  6. I can hep you to monitor and measure how the documented system is working through auditing and objective tracking activities
  7. I can assist by providing feedback into the managment review process and reporting system in line with the documented system
  8. Finally I can help by forming and outling improvement actions


  1. I can review existing documents for appropriateness and offer ideas on how to improve them
  2. I can audit your systems in-line with your 1st and 2nd party audit schedules
  3. I can help with key supplier evaluations and offer feedback on supplier performance
  4. I help document non-conformance and tailor solutions to the issues uncovered
  5. I can assist in determining and checking the scope of the system and the range of environmental aspects of the organisations activites, products and services
  6. I can help to establish and list the legal requirements and how they impact on the organisation
  7. I can help establish the range of information security risks and how best to apply risk reduction or mitigation treatments
  8. I help to document operational risks and tailor solutions to the issues described in the form of risk assessments, safe-systems of work, permit-to-work systems, risk-assessment and method statements (RAMS)
  9. I help to document standard operating procedures quality plans and inspection and test plans
  10. I facilitate management reviews and plan for improvements
WANT TO KNOW MORE OF HOW TOGETHER WE CAN CREATE A GREAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR YOUr organisation that delivers on revenue growth, greater profitability and a great customer experience then;

And please don’t think you have got to have a management system that’s accredited to a particular standard (although it does help with the embedding of the system if you do). Its okay to develop a system, run with it and at some time in the future only if you choose you might want it accredited. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you build it with the aim of growing revenues, improving profitability and enhancing the customer experience.